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Animation class 2018- 2019

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All of if not the majority of my works for my animation class from 2018-2019. I believe this class in general has taught me a lot and has expanded my knowledge within the basics of learning animation, framing, and created a general basis if I wish to move forward within a career in animation or pursue it post secondary.


Comic: The comic was a five page long comic about the twisted tale of a Cinderella esq story in which “cinderella” has instead been sent to harm the prince instead to fall in love with him. the drafts and thumbnail sketches are placed before the rest of the frames. I used thumbnail sketches as my planner because I wanted to map out my core framing with simplistic drawing, with a pre-written draft of the script in mind so I could work with it and set the ambiance of the story properly. Though a short comic, I wanted to easily establish all characters and their goals. (Prince Cirrus is looking for a suitor as tradition and wants to learn more about Violet, whilst Violet feels guilty and is doing what she needs to because she’s been promised survival if she harms him- while the mysterious woman seems to be otherworldly and wants to set her plan into motion and manipulates violet with a second chance at life.)

Rhotoscoping: In the first rhotoscoping video, I chose to use my hand as reference and generally went by a motion of 12 frames per second, and wanted to keep it a simple flow, but a difficult thing to copy as an even challenge, as I struggle with drawing hands, but creating a linear motion is one of my strong points.

Culminating: I chose to do rhotoscoping as my culminating assignment once again to challenge myself technically, so I used Lauren Cuthbertson’s dance of the sugar plum fairy performance as the rhotoscoping base to use. I used 13 frames per second, and wanted to use additional elongation to her arms and legs at certain frames to hint at motion. The full video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV1qLYukTH8

comedy assignment: I used the audio from one of my favorite comedy videos as a base, because I wanted to base it around something that really made me personally laugh and I believed would make others laugh as well. I then set all the voices within the video into my characters that I believe would suit their personalities best, and used framing effects to zoom in and add effects like the red and the blurring to add additional comedy to it.

And finally, misc animation. Misc animation is what I created during warm ups, short assignments where we use techniques to grasp new concepts we were given and though very short I believe they broadened my knowledge in general very much and were essential to my growth in the class and thus, good to include in this final video.
Overall: overall, I believe this animation class has taught me much about animation and taught me the fundamentals and more on how to grow as an animator, and has opened my eyes to all that I can learn with this medium and I’m very thankful to have taken it.
comic full images: https://imgur.com/a/xibIdUC
Background music: the cover of cendrillon belongs to AK-A, and you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nwMgG3CzVA
Comedy assignment audio source: http://smiley-the-guy.tumblr.com/post/156773488555/local-dude-orders-a-burger-at-starbucks-featuring


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