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Location analysis expands Nordic telco’s range of services

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Nordic telecoms agency Telia Company just lately joined forces with startup Unacast to make use of anonymised location information from Telia’s community prospects.

Under the settlement, Telia will use Unacast’s platform to course of its personal anonymised consumer information to achieve insights into crowd motion in and round cities. These insights may probably be used to enhance city improvement, public transport, occasion administration, tourism and retail.

According to Kristofer Ågren, head of information insights for Division X at Telia Company, the partnership happened after an preliminary funding. “Approximately 18 months ago, Telia invested in Unacast. As part of that investment, a new project was trialled to determine whether Telia and Unacast could work together on something more than an investment basis,” he stated.

The causes for doing so have been twofold. First, startups are usually free of legacy points and, as on this case, centered on a cloud-first structure. Second, startups have a tendency to realize a pace and agility not normally related to bigger telcos.

“As a startup, you’re boot-strapped, faster, agile,” stated Ågren. “And that requires a certain type of architecture, mindset and process. We were keen to see if we could become faster like that.”

After the venture concluded earlier this 12 months, the 2 firms determined to proceed to work collectively.

“[Unacast was] making us faster, reverse-integrating into its process, and we were bringing a lot to the table in terms of commercially scaling the offerings that we have and bringing them to market,” stated Ågren. “It ended up being a very positive project and that led to the decision to formally buy the service.”

Boosting transport effectivity

Telia Company had already been utilizing aggregated buyer information for a while, having carried out numerous initiatives in Sweden and elsewhere. One instance is a Helsinki regional transport affiliation venture. Having simply prolonged a subway line into Espoo, with an funding of round €10bn, the transport authorities have been eager that it must be used effectively.

Telia helped present the insights wanted to optimise the transport community to be related to the folks there.

“It’s a tricky problem to solve if you don’t know the full journey, which individual transport companies don’t,” stated Ågren. “We were able to provide that total information for journeys – start, destination, route, timing.”

This info allowed the Espoo transport authorities to completely optimise transport connections, with the consequence that the brand new hyperlinks diminished automobile site visitors by 8%.

That was earlier than the Unacast tie-up. Now, Telia presents comparable info, however in actual time and to extra shoppers.

Planning round folks

“Our latest offering is Telia City Vitality, based on the same types of insights,” stated Ågren. “If you know how groups of people move within a city, that can be very useful for city planning, making the city smarter. It can also help you to understand the impact of running an event in the city, for example.”

Typically, cities do that planning or prediction by survey prematurely, which is a skewed and inaccurate technique. The Telia City Vitality providing permits an authorised particular person to look into the info that types the heartbeat of a metropolis.

“Processing terabytes of data is hard to do if you don’t have the technical architecture, agile development and the right data scientists”
Kristofer Ågren, Telia Company

“We’ve done lots of one-off projects, but to deliver an online project that’s always running, live, always scalable, that’s a whole different ball game,” stated Ågren. “Processing terabytes of data is hard to do if you don’t have the technical architecture, agile development and the right data scientists.”

The typical buyer for this software program can be a municipality or metropolis authority. In the preliminary part, Telia will probably be focusing on occasion planners, folks within the tourism business, to assist them perceive the place folks come from and the way lengthy they keep. City planners are one other apparent class of buyer, together with transport firms needing to know commuter habits and associated journey behaviour.

“It could save the public transport services a lot of money and provide better services,” added Ågren. “I’m pretty sure that if this had been available beforehand, then Helsinki would have saved a lot of money and gained new insights.”

However, it’s not one thing a personal citizen can entry. “It wouldn’t be correct to allow that.”

Privacy a precedence

Privacy points are more and more necessary on this space of information utilization, not only for authorized causes, but additionally as a result of prospects have gotten extra conscious of the worth of their personal information and the dangers ought to it fall into the flawed fingers.

“It’s important to state that we aren’t using anybody else’s data,” stated Ågren. “This is information from our personal networks which is anonymised, aggregated and secure, absolutely compliant with GDPR [the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation]. It’s a partnership with Unacast, however we’re simply utilizing their platform; we don’t use their information and we don’t share our information.”

He stated Telia has spent rather a lot of effort and time ensuring that the info is non-reversible and anonymised – nowhere close to the gray space of being probably capable of determine people. It is insights which might be being bought, not the info itself.

“I’ve come to realise that it’s important to stress this, that what we’re doing is different,” added Ågren. “Using data from our networks – anonymised, aggregated and safe. As a customer of Telia you can feel safe, more so than when using some of the apps on your phone. We want to set the gold standard on how to use this data.”

When it involves metropolis planning, all people concerned has an opinion about folks motion and it’s usually arduous to get maintain of actual numbers. “Sometimes people think their own opinions are more important than others, but then you look at the data – it can either back up customers’ decisions or surprise them by the reality,” stated Ågren. “We’ve been humbled by the complexity of it, what it means to provide this to end-to-end.”

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