Losing Weight? Waking up early? No Fap? Gaining muscle? Improving Productivity? Prioritization? Learning to Code? Meditation? Positive habits?

There are all sorts of people out there who have mastered such arts and are helping people in learning the same by directly being there chat-based coaches for a month or two.

They help them by texting with them about their needs and keeping in track with them on how well they are doing on a daily basis.

After joining Coach.me I have had the pleasure to meet\check-out some of these awesome people who help hundreds of people in getting their life on track in all sorts of scenarios.

For example check out George:

George has helped over 800 people (including many entrepreneurs) in creating a long-lasting habit of getting up early so that they can handle their jobs, side jobs, or additional responsibilities with reduced stress and more energy.

Here’s the link to his profile if you wanna check him out: Link


An awesome coach for Losing Weight: Jessica Coco

Her 90-Day Weight Loss Through Mindfulness program has helped more than 130 people lose weight and improve their mindfulness by creating long-lasting habits such as meditation, eliminating processed sugar from their diet, food journaling, daily exercise, creating bedtime/morning bookend routines, and setting effective priorities, to name a few. Link

She has also personally lost 125 lbs with the techniques she is teaching. Here’s one of the reviews on her profile:

“I’d made promises to myself to exercise and meditate daily and could not find the motivation to stick with it. Jessica showed up, intuited my needs, provided me with the approach, support, and encouragement to show up for myself each and every day. I am on Day 67! That’s a record and I plan to keep going with Jessica. I highly recommend her.”

Here are a few more:-

A Coach to help you with Prioritization: Rob Filardo

Learn to Code with: Sara Chipps

Write Music Or Learn a Musical Instrument (Or Work On a Secret Project): Rob Kovacs

Quitting Porn and Masturbation, and Alcohol: Leo Tabibzadegan

How to Meditate: Nathan Sudds (I’ve personally been coached by him, he’s great!)

Working with Emotional Conflicts and Mental Health in general: Me (Hehe :p)

I’ve helped a lot of people on 7cups.com over the years and now I’ve considered being a personal coach for people to help solve their particular problems from core. 🙂

PS :- I’m giving 100% free coaching for one week for any one any time.

Here’s my Promocode:



Anything else you are looking to get help with? Let me know in the comments!


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