Working on mental health is actually easier than physical health but it’s something that people don’t consider quite as important.

Before you start working on your mental health through things like reading books, meditation, eating healthily etc you should understand how your thoughts exactly work.

Your mind is is responsible for expressing your feelings in the form of thoughts, and you are the one who understands the thoughts.

You are the consciousness beneath who experiences the thoughts, feelings, input from you senses, etc.

And you are always only responsible for how you choose to respond to the scenarios, always. Your life will change on a daily basis but it’s always you who can choose whether to fear change or let it be as it is.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, it’s you who chooses what is good and what is bad.

For some people curse words are bad, for some people they are the essence of their language.

If you are in a bad mood, then your mind will remind of you the “bad” things that you have stored and not yet moved on from.

Basically your mind is the intermediary that tries to translate the world in your own sense. And this is what we have to understand.

For example when you are reading a book, then your mind has no work to do there. Because you can directly understand what the words are saying and imagine the story mentioned in the book.

Your mind sits idle when you are reading the book and so you get a break from your thoughts and emotions and your stress melts away as well.

This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to read books on a daily basis, to get a healthier break from your stress as compared to the stress relief you get from your bad habits.

Bad habits such as smoking\porn not only affect your physical health but your mental health as well. As in it changes the physical shape of your brain and causes more negative thoughts to create.

Once you begin to notice your thoughts you’ll understand that every thought has an underlying emotion beneath.

I myself used to try and avoid emotions completely and so I started playing logical games, but again, I used to get very angry if I didn’t get to solve a particular puzzle.

Even complaining and blaming other people affects your mental health as it tries to create a negative outlook on everything in your life.

Blaming has been defined as a way to relieve pain and stress, which means that it is basically a substitute for any other bad habits of ours.

Your mind always tries to put a label on everything that you see so that everything becomes familiar to you.

The reason it does this is because it doesn’t like seeing unknown things around even if they are not dangerous. We have a underlying layer of fear in us which makes us want to make every unknown ‘known’.

And this is why our mind doesn’t stop labeling and judging things around us because it wants to be in control and it wants to feel safe even if there is no danger around.

So try to eliminate this habit by being okay with unknown and not fearing change. As long as you fear change you won’t be able to create “trust” with anything or anyone.

It’s okay to not know the outcome of something, your worrying won’t change what’s going to happen, so it’s better to practice embracing the unknown than trying to figure out the outcomes all your life.

Your thoughts won’t occur illogically or randomly, they will only exist for things that you believe in. For example if you have never thought about being a astronomer than you will never get thoughts related to it.

And so it’s important to understand your beliefs as they’ll allow your thoughts to exist in your mind. If you don’t believe that you can get desperate, than your thoughts won’t come in that form unless you actually become desperate.

Your attention however is a different topic than your thoughts or emotions. If you have a habit of paying attention to your phone every time a notification pops us than you won’t be able to stop yourself from doing this.

Similarly if you have a habit of giving attention to every thought that comes in then you won’t be able to focus on anything.

It’s your job to practice focusing on one thing at a time. Your mind will always keep translating your emotions that you have underneath as thoughts, but you can choose to focus on your work.

This however can lead to neglected emotions if you do nothing but work for long hours. That’s why it is always recommended to take a break 5-10 mins break after working for 45-50 mins.

This is suggested in order to access both Yin and Yang side of your life and not just get stuck in coding and excel sheets.

During the break try to do something positive like taking a walk, drinking hot water, talking to people, listening to music, reading a chapter, etc.

Obviously going for a 30-min walk or a run is considered as one of the best ways to start your day as it helps to boost your mental health no matter how you feel when you wake up.

Also try to take a whole-day break in a week to do some outdoor activities like spending time at a park, or trekking, or exploring new natural hot-spots around your neighboring cities as it will help you with a feeling of being connected to nature and thus with yourself, and thus with everyone else.

Meditation, if you don’t know already, is the best way to improve your mental health and so your life in general because it involves taking back control of your attention and easily being rid of the bad habits, among many other things.

When you begin meditation obviously it’s not going to be an easy task as you have been in a bad addiction of giving away your attention to everything that calls you.

You need to practice keeping your focus on one thing at a time for example focus, and keep bringing your attention back every time your thoughts steal it.

It’s going about a week’s time before you begin to not get irritated and settle with meditation because your addiction of listening to your thoughts is that bad.

Meditation will also help you with feelings of loneliness, increased pain, anxiety etc etc. You can search and search on benefits of meditation but honestly it is best to just start and experiencing it yourself.



TL;DR :-

  1. Read Books.
  2. Take a break every 45-50 mins.
  3. Take a weekly break.
  4. Go for a 30 min walk/run every morning.
  5. Meditate and improve your focus.

So those were some of the ways to work on your Mental Health and improve your life in all it’s contexts. 🙂

Let me know what other things you would like me to talk about. 🙂 🙂

Have a nice day!

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