Almost everyone faces procrastination at some level, either in their work, or relationship, or self-care or in their projects. I have too in almost all the contexts of my life.

The trick to beat this is to start small and easy. Incredibly-incredibly small. Not just on your first day but every single day. Every single time you think about working on it. Start infinitesimally small.

Let’s say if you want to create a new android app, then just start by going to google and search for the best ways to start creating a new app. I’d always recommend researching a little bit as it will give you a good idea on what you’re going to be doing for the next few weeks, and that huge boulder of “How am I gonna do this?” will become easier to carry.

If you wanna start learning to code (or create 2D games and more) then I’d recommend checking out Derek Banas’s series on Learn To Program using Python:

Even if you just do some research or find tutorials or download an application on your first day it’s more than enough. Don’t be hard on yourself, at least not in the beginning. Try to have some fun as you go so that it becomes easier to come back to work.

Your brain really really hates putting up with new habits and so it will work against you completely. Your brain likes to do old things over and over again because they are easy to do. And so it’s your job to summon up your will every single time for at least a month to work on your project until your brain gets okay with it. There will come lots and lots of time where you’ll wanna quit and get back to doing fun things but you can always and always choose whether to give in to your brain or keep fighting. The best way to create a new habit is to be present every day (even the weekends), it doesn’t matter how much you work, it matters if you were present or not.

If you wanna start learning ethical hacking then I’d recommend checking out this tutorial series because it’s simple and fun:

Another important thing to remember while working on projects is to have your goal always in the back of your mind. Always. There will be some difficulties along the way but if you remember your ultimate goal then you won’t let those difficulties stop you. You’ll find a way around them. All of them.

Pat yourself on the back for every single tiny achievement you reach. No matter how much you tell someone about your struggles with your project, they won’t understand completely. Only you’ll ever know all the struggles that you faced, and so it is important to be there for yourself. Be grateful that you are able to work and enjoy it. Take a small break after every 45–50 mins. Keep your back straight for as long as possible. And always remember to start small, very very small.

The most idiotic thing that people do while working on their goals is they leave other stuff behind. They stop taking care of their health (physical and mental), they stop meeting their best friends often, they stop talking to their family members, they stop spending time in the sun, they stop taking care of what they eat, they stop having fun. This is the worst thing that you can do to yourself when it comes to working on a goal.

Always remember to take a break 10-15 after every 45-50 mins, if however you are unable to work continuously then it’s okay too. Figure out the timings that work for you and follow that. But do not forget to take a break. This is something that has been dehumanizing people who try to work for money non-stop. They stop to check into their human nature and lose themselves in their work.

Do whatever you want to do during your break, watch a 20-min sitcom episode, talk to people, listen to music and dance, take a walk around your house, drink water\hot water instead of coffee, read a chapter from a novel, take a few deep breaths, look outside your balcony and give your eyes some rest. And then again start small. I personally keep another tab open in the background so as to look at easy and fun things to do if in case my brain starts screaming about how hard the work is.

There has been a lot of research recently on why you should take breaks in between your work and check in with yourself. Even closing your eyes for 5 mins after working for 30 mins is okay. It’s help you realize the holistic nature of life. The Yin and Yang of life. And not just getting into zombie mode to achieve something that’ll destroy other parts of your life.

TL;DR :-

  1. Start very small. ( Ex. Research)
  2. Don’t miss a day. (As far as possible)
  3. Appreciate yourself and be grateful every half hour. (It’s IMPORTANT!)
  4. Don’t give in to your brain, use your will. (You have an unlimited supply of will!)
  5. Take small breaks often. Appreciate your life. (Please don’t forget this)
  6. Take care of your physical and mental health. (I hope I don’t have to convince you for it)
  7. Enjoy every moment. (work or no-work)

What kind of problems do you face when working on your goals?

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